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Please remember that we are an all volunteer group. We receive calls every day from the public concerning cats. We will make every effort to respond to your call as soon as we are possibly able. Every call and every cat is of the utmost importance to us. Call 443- 909-8047 or send us an email to communitycatscoalition@gmail.com


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In the past, shelters have euthanized healthy cats to make room for new cat intakes. That model is costly, inhumane, and ineffective at addressing cat over-population. Adoptions help, but can’t keep up with shelter intakes. ‘Community Cats Coalition’ offers long-term solutions that save lives.”

A trap/neuter/return (TNR) approach to addressing feral cat overpopulation is central to the multi-faceted program. A feral cat is one who is not tame and is afraid of people. TNR is based on the idea that feral cats have existed alongside human beings for over 10,000 years.

If these cats are healthy, chances are they have a caretaker or are surviving quite nicely without any human intervention. But spaying and neutering is essential because just one unspayed female cat and her offspring can produce an untold number of kittens. Then, it’s best to return feral cats to their territories to live their lives.”

In addition to the TNR component, Community Cats Coalition offers educational support and resources to people who wish to mitigate nuisance cat behaviors, such as aggression, yowling, and eliminating in undesirable places.

Altering the cat frequently reduces or gets rid of many of these behaviors. Community Cats Coalition partners with people to provide effective solutions to other feral cat issues. We’re here to support the community in living peacefully with these cats while we all work together to reduce their numbers.”

Volunteers are needed to support the Community Cats Coalition program.

A key to a successful trap/neuter/return program is a dedicated network of foster homes, especially for kittens. Frequently mama cats come in with litters of kittens who are young enough to be tamed and placed up for adoption. Foster homes are a necessity for Community Cats, and providing a foster home is a very rewarding experience.”

Community Cats Coalition also seeks to protect the well-being of healthy, tame cats by providing resources to support people in retaining their pet cats; if a person must give up a cat, we will offer support to help them rehome the cat outside the shelter system

The Community Cats Coalition program is based on models proven in communities throughout the United States to successfully reduce cat overpopulation.